Reverse Emporium

Reverse Emporium is a gallery space and gift shop located within the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse. Featuring the work of local artists, craft workers and designers who salvage, reuse and up-cycle materials, Reverse Emporium stocks gorgeous high quality art, jewellery, accessories, furniture, home wares, gifts and trinkets that are perfect for the eco-conscious buyer!

A myriad of materials, from timber and scrap metal to textiles and salvaged odds and ends have taken on new a life as beautifully crafted objects and art. Salvaged materials take on new form and meaning, illustrating the possibilities for the reuse of otherwise wasted materials.

Reverse Emporium runs a quarterly series of exhibitions showcasing the work of talented Brisbane artists that demonstrate an awareness of sustainable practices and a devotion to reducing the impact of their craft on the environment.
      Image: Rozina Suliman

                                       Image: Yan Chen (

Become A Supplier

Looking for a place to sell your creations? We are always looking for new artists, craft workers, designers and gift shop stockists. Whether you already salvage and up-cycle or want to try using salvaged materials for the first time, we love to see what you create!


  • All items submitted must be made up of 75% salvaged materials (this means materials can be pre loved, reused, reclaimed and up-cycled.)
  • All items must be finished to a high standard and suitable for sale


  • Reverse Garbage Queensland sells items on a consignment basis, generally with a 50% mark-up on the artist’s asking price though this is subject to negotiation.


For more information please contact our Reverse Emporium Co-ordinator

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