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Reverse Garbage Queensland run workshops to inspire, educate and empower. Our mission is to get people diverting items from landfill creatively. We want them to have fun, exercise their creativity and learn to make the things they need from the stuff that is available around them.

We run professional development workshops for educators and those wanting to incorporate sustainability and re-use into their curriculum.

The creative application of salvaged materials also encourages participants to think outside the square by challenging them to re-use, repurpose and transform ordinary objects destined for landfill.

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All workshop facilitators have experience working with children in different art forms. They are trained in alternative construction methods, safety and tools handling as well as classroom management. All facilitators have blue cards to work with children.


Reverse Garbage Queensland conducts eco-art workshops at our warehouse in Woolloongabba, in schools, OSHC and childcare centres, libraries, shopping centres, festivals and events. Choose from one of the following workshop structures:


Structured workshops have a set start and finish time with the duration being between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the age and selected theme. The structured approach allows for deeper understanding of creative re-use and our facilitator(s) are able to spend more time giving individual attention to each participant. Included is an informative talk about Reverse Garbage Queensland, the 3 “Rs” (reduce, re-use, recycle), an introduction to the theme, materials and techniques as well as necessary health and safety precautions.

EXCURSIONS (You come to us)

  • a visit to the warehouse in Woolloongabba is part of the experience
  • participants have access to a wider range of materials and have the opportunity to explore the warehouse and gift shop as well as see more ideas and items constructed with repurposed materials in the workshop room.  
  • Maximum 30 participants
  • Duration and theme can be adjusted to suit your requirement.

INCURSIONS (conducted at your school, centre, venue or facility)

  • We come to you - it’s more convenient, no need to organise transport.
  • Facilitator(s) bring all tools and materials
  • Maximum of 30 participants for schools, per facilitator

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PUBLIC WORKSHOPS (Libraries, shopping centres, etc)

The Reverse Garbage Queensland public workshop program is suitable for children aged 4-12 years old.  All our themes appeal to both boys and girls. Children will love what they can create in one of our workshops! (Children aged 4-6 must be accompanied by an adult.)

We have selected the least bulky of our varied mix of exciting craft materials (such as coloured paper, old books and catalogues, sheepskin offcuts, plastic bits n’ bobs) to reduce the amount of space required to run workshops and create less mess!  Workshops use simple collage techniques such as cutting, taping and gluing (PVA glue).


Festival and event style workshops are ideal for catering for large groups of people and aim to provide an entertaining, creative and enriching experience for participants.

  • We come to you and conduct the workshop at the event site
  • Conducted on a drop-in basis for a set time period so participants can come and go
  • Facilitator(s) bring all tools and materials, bump in and bump out
  • Ideal for large numbers of people
  • Max. 20 people per hour (1 facilitator)
  • Max. 40 people per hour (2 facilitators)
  • Min. 2hr duration.

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We run Professional Development workshops for educators, to inspire and demonstrate how to use salvaged materials to create eco-artwork with children. The workshop includes an introduction to what we do at Reverse Garbage Queensland, how salvaged materials are sustainable, as well as an exploration of alternative construction methods and ways to substitute and utilise salvaged materials.

The facilitator will demonstrate some creative and practical examples suitable for early learning. Staff will then have the opportunity to experiment with the materials from Reverse Garbage Queensland to make their own creations using the ideas and techniques discussed.

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We love being challenged to make new and exciting things with salvaged materials! We are more than happy to customise a workshop if you have a specific idea in mind that is not included in our catalogue. We can customise an existing workshop to fit with your theme for a nominal concept development fee of $50, or we can work with you to develop a completely customised experience that achieves the outcomes you want. The earlier you involve us in your planning the better the outcome.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss customising a workshop with our Workshop Coordinator on (07) 3891 9744.

For more information about our  workshops use the menu to the left or click on the links to see what we offer for Prep to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Festivals and Events, Adults and Professionals, Outside School Hours Care and for School Holidays.

To obtain a quote, please fill out the Request Form. For questions and queries you can contact our Workshop Co-ordinator directly.

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Excursions to the Warehouse

A visit to the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse is like an archaeological exploration into our consumer society. The warehouse hosts an wide and varied collection of inspiring, low-cost, open-ended, interesting materials.

The warehouse is open freely for group excursions to browse and shop between 9:30am and 4:00pm, weekdays. If you are bringing a large group we would appreciate prior notice. To let us know you are coming, please contact us! If you would like a talk and tour of the warehouse, bookings are essential.

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Talk and Tours

You can book a tailored talk and tour of the warehouse at Woolloongabba, where you will be guided through the warehouse. We talk about how and why the organisation operates (structure, ethos, consensus decision-making and co-operatives), why reuse is different from recycling, how and where materials are collected and sorted, and we show examples of discarded materials, diverted from landfill and put to creative reuse.

A talk and tour by a Reverse Garbage Queensland staff member costs:

  • $40 per group during weekdays; and
  • $75 per group on Saturdauys

For a tour to go ahead we require a minimum of 5 people and maximum of 25. Multiple bookings can be made for the same day if you have a larger audience.

Bookings for a talk and tour of the warehouse are essential. Please contact us here, and include the name of your school or organisation, the number and age group of participants attending and a preferred date and time. If you would like us to tailor the talk to your project, subject or theme, please include a brief description so we can assist you in making your visit a valuable learning experience.

To book a talk and tour of the warehouse, please contact us!

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Other School Services

We also run a mail order service and send our exciting materials anywhere in Australia -- an inexpensive and environmentally responsible alternative to mainstream art supplies.

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