People's Choice Cosplay Award Winner Announced!

As promised, The Upcycled Cosplay Challenge People's Choice Award has been running this past week and the votes are now in!

We firstly wanted to congratulate the five contestants for the high caliber of work that was on display and the ingenuity of using 100% salvaged materials to bring their visions to life.

Secondly, a big congratulations to Wulfhure Daelman, whose Steampunk inspired, emu-riding Victorian-era polo player, 'Percival Hamilton-Smyth' won the Judge's Award on the opening night. Wulfhure generously decided to share the $500 raw material voucher prize with the other four contestants, so they each have $100 to spend on RGQ materials and judging by their Upcycled Cosplay Challenge outfits, that money is going to be well spent!

Without further ado, after countless votes, we can declare Samurai Darth Vader by Scott Bourke the winner of the People's Choice Award. Congratulations, Scott!

One lucky draw entrant, Amber Clarke, has also won a $50 prize voucher to use on raw materials from the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse - that goes a long way, here!

See each picture for a more detailed description of the pieces and how they were made using salvaged materials from our warehouse. Better yet, come and visit! You have until November 11th to pop in and examine these amazing upcycled creations up-close.

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This piece was made by Scott Bourke from Shedquarter Creations. Photo by Ross Stanley. This costume won the People's Choice Cosplay Award.

This cosplay, Azkadelia from the Wizard of Oz retelling, 'Tin Man', was made by Tahnee Amadio of Amadio Creations. Photo by Ashley Smith.

This costume was made by Rachel Dingle-Waterfall, and is of Chii from Chobits. Photo by Ashley Smith.

This Kylo Ren cosplay was made by Jay Anderson. Photo by Ashley Smith.

This costume was made by Wulfhure Daelman from Armoury-Terrain. Photo by Ashley Smith. This costume won the Judge's Award on the opening night.

Congratulations again to everyone who participated in Worn Out?!?