Not Junk Mail - The Salon Issue.

Dear Friends of Reverse Garbage,

There's been a lot happening around the warehouse this month and we are using the last moments of May to deliver our "Salon Issue" of Not Junk Mail!

We've been updating our Mail Order Catalogue this month as we have unfortunately had to increase our prices in line with new postal costs. For many years our local post office in South Brisbane calculated our barrels by their weight. This post office has now closed and we are now charged by "cubic weight." This has had a dramatic impact on the cost of sending salvaged art and craft materials, particualrly to regional areas. However, we have tried to only increase prices where necessary and as minimally as possible. You can read more about this here.

We'll be at the Green Heart Fair this Sunday running a FREE workshop for kids. We'll be making Flower Pot People from discarded plastic, seedling pots, so please drop by for some crafting fun if you manage to get along to the fair.

Next Friday (5 June) is World Environment Day an this year's theme is "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." We'll be hosting a FREE activity for kids in the warehouse on Friday (5 June) and Saturday (6 June.) See more details below.

And later in June, we're launching our first open day "This Salvaged Life" where we'll be running a tour of the warehouse, a demonstration and a forum with light refreshments. We'll be demonstrating a whole range of (re)uses for our salvaged materials, designed to give educators, teachers and carers a wealth of ideas and approaches to using unusual, open-ended materials. We'll also be hosting a forum with special guests and speakers to discuss salvaging, repairing and upcycling. You can see all the details below.

And if you've read this far without scrolling straight through to the luxurious cushions, tiles, wallpapers and all of the great stuff we've diverted from landfill this month, we thank you and encourage you to do so now!

We hope to see you in the warehouse soon!

Salvaged Salutations,

The Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-operative

Square Carpet Tiles
– cut diagonally and mix and match to add a triangular element to your carpet tiled floor – low pile, durable, rubber backing – approx. 23cm X 23cm – 50c each.

Leather Rolls – handy grab packs of leather offcuts – some containa selection of shades and weights – some consisting of pieces the same – great for small to medium projects – lighter weights machine sewable with the right needles - $5 per roll.

Pine Timber Blocks – small blocks that can be sanded for kids play (the sanding can be a kids activity!) - paint with sample pots of bright colours (another kids activity!) for a custom multi colour block set – approx. size range 7cm X 7cm X 2cm to 7cm X 10cm X 2cm (approx. 25 – 35 cents per block) - $3/kg.

Cedar Blocks – soft, light and with that distinct cedar smell – another great material for kids projects as it is easy to hammer nails and drive screws into - approx. sample size of 14 X 9 X 3cm block is 50 cents - $4.50/kg

Ply Wood Offcuts – small rectangles and shapes – great for little art projects, assemblage, scenes or toys – approx. 7 X 15 X 1.8cm is 20 cents - $2/kg.

Flat Pack Cardboard Shelves – as new, still in the box, each carton conatins a pop up display shelf – light weight for market stalls, pop up shops and play shop shelves – four “shelves” 1400cm tall X 28cm wide X 28cm deep - $5 each.

Mini Micro Chips on the Roll – whole roll $5, small pieces from 20 cents.

Hot Orange Day Glo Vinyl Rolls – make a sash or simple hi-vis vest to be seen on the road or for childrens construction worker pretend play - $12/kg.

Air Conditioning Ducting – a great favourite for decorating, dressing up or... ducting! - priced according to diameter and weight – from $7/kg (large size) to $12/kg (small size.)

Silver Sticky Backed Foam – sticky back, foil coated foam for insulation – cut fun shapes out for space craft and robot design – pair with air conditioning duct for low budget, sci-fi, space-age art wear - various sizes - $15/kg.

“Y” Shaped Pipe Connectors – great for play in the water tray or joining pipes - an interesting addition to the outdoor play space – 50cents each.

Coloured Tokens – All with colours assigned different values – red = 2, orange = 1 and green = half – grab bags of 60 - $5 each.

Black Tops – just lik milk bottle tops all unused – great for kids craft - with ratchet ring/security seal attached means you get two pieces (lid and ring) – 10 cents each.

Grey Paper Discs – use a white paint pen for designer price tags – print, stamp or paint to make colourful – cut slits and slot together for easy paper sculptures – 75mm diameter - $25/kg or 6 cents each.

Plastic Spool Wheels – size 77mm diametre, 13mm thick, hole in centre 40mm diametre - 20 cents each.

Spru Pu! - left over plastic excess – manufacturing plastic, free of form or function - a moment of pu-poo captured in time - various consistencies have cured to form bizarre shapes – unnatural colours - $2/kg.

Felt Discs – in a number of sizes – a customer has advised they work well for polishing aluminium – 36mm dia. X 7mm thick, 20 cents each – 100mm dia. X 20mm, 70 cents each.

Timber Veneer – great for “decoupage” using timber grains as tonal values, geometric shapes à la inlaid timber table top - small rectangles – 30 cents each.

Comic Pages – use for decoupage, to cover a piece of furniture or one of our cardboard barrels – collage, gift wrap, wall paper, journal page design – fill a bag or buy at $4/kg.

Foam Tendrils – foamy tendrils with a soft, spongey foam and pot scrubber/scouring pad layer – fill a bag or buy at $15/kg.

Seaweed – soft vinyl strips in the colours of brine soaked seaweed – fill a bag or buy at $8/kg.

Goat Hair Carpet – medium sized, offcuts – sample triangular piece measuring 40cm X 26cm weighs up at 75 cents - was $7/kg, on sale at $4/kg.

Corks, Corked, Corkage – great for crafts, pin boards, use pins and thumbtacks to design your own mini character series – approx. 10 to 15 cents each - $18/kg.

Luxury Cushions – Create your very own Salon and recline in sumptuous style - brocade, velvet, tassles and beads, soft and silky faux fur, faux pheasant feather down – large, pouf style floor cushions to bold brocaded bolsters and all sorts in between – from $5.

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Cushions Continued!

Luxury Wall Paper – on the roll and in metre lengths – flocked, metalic, textured, fibre and timber striped, metal meshed – priced according to type – from $2/m.

Luxury Wall Paper – Continued!

Luxury Wall Paper – Continued!

Luxury Wall Paper – Continued!

SALE! Fabric Sample Books – 20% discount on our current shop floor stock – lots of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics.

Body Forms & Torsos – marked down by $10 each – price range now between $25 - $35 each.

Body Forms & Torsos – marked down by $10 each – price range now between $25 - $35 each.

Thomas the Display Engine - Thomas, was starting to get impatient! He had been waiting at the station for the signal and was beginning to worry he would be late! This amazing three part display unit is a one off! The complete piece is approx. 3 metres long and 90cm wide, the tallest piece is 140cm high. The front piece (the engine with Thomas's face) is approx 96cm long - the centre display section has slot board for hanging clothings, installing shelves, etc with access either side, approx. 155cm - the end piece has a storage or display area, approx 61 cm long - the first two sections are on wheels for easy moving - fantastic condition, great for kids store, play area or library - WAS $1250 complete NOW less than half price at $600 complete!

Screen Print Screens – fabulous and fantastical designs in these vintage screens – 80's era Warholesque Marilyn Monro collage to Cyberhead – some are in sets of up to three to create three colour prints, soime single – use designs in the screens or bath and wash out to use screens for your own designs – price range $5 - $55.

Screen Print Screens (Continued)

Screen Print Screens (Continued)

Screen Print Screens (Continued)

Crates – timber crateswith lids - from $25.

Crates – timber crateswith lids - from $25.

Mannequins – Ladies and Men – sitting and standing with style - $150 to $165.

Mannequins – Ladies and Men – sitting and standing with style - $150 to $165.

Traffic Cones – direct the flow, mark out a no go zone or define an exercise course with witches hats or bollard - from $3 each.

Fabulous Upholstery Fabric – use to recover or make some custom cushions - on the roll, sold by the metre – between $5 and $7.50 per metre.

Working Binding Machine – bind your own documents, make your own books, zines, comics, journals, instruction manuals – one only $250.


Knights & Princesses | Eco Art Workshop for Preschoolers (accompanied by a parent/guardian.)

Once upon a time in the land of Waste-A-Lot, a clever princess and a brave knight set off on a creative quest to conquer trash and create amazing treasure!

“I will forge a sword,” said the Knight “and a strong shield as well!”

“And I will create a magic wand and a beautiful crown!” said the Princess. “We will call our new land Makes-A-Lot and craft happily ever after!”

See and read more about what we'll be making here.

See this event on the workshop calender.

Attend with friends by sharing and inviting on facebook.

BOOK ONLINE: Wednesday, 10 June - 10.30am to 11.30am. (incurs a booking fee of $2.09.)

Date – Wednesday 10 June, 2015
Time – 10:30am – 11:30am
Place - Reverse Garbage, 20 Burke Street Woolloongabba.

Contact - 07 3891 9744 
Cost - $20 for child and guardian to attend together (includes materials, tools and facilitator) Payment is due on booking and fees are non-refundable. Booking online incurs a booking fee of $2.09.
Book Online: Wednesday, 10 June - 10.30am to 11.30am.
Age - Children 3-5 years (with guardian)
Maximum – 7 children and 7 guardians per workshop

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Rag Rug Making | Eco-Art Workshop for Adults

Make your very own rag rug using fabric leftovers from Reverse Garbage. These rugs are just what your toes need to warm up in winter. We will be demonstrating three different techniques – hooking, knotting and plaiting! Bring along any old and colourful t-shirts or bedsheets that you would like to add to your creation. Rag rug making is an excercise in patience and discipline, we will get you well and truly started so you can finish your project at home.

See and read more about what we'll be making here.

Time – 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Where - Reverse Garbage Queensland, 20 Burke Street Woolloongabba.

Age – Adults (and teens 13 +)
Maximum – 20 participants per workshop

Cost - $25 + booking fee per person (includes materials, tools and facilitator) Please note, payment is due on booking and fees are non-refundable. Booking fee of $2.37 applies to all bookings.

Attend with friends! Invite and share on facebook!

Book online: SATURDAY 20 JUNE, 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

Book by phone: 07 3891 9744 (Booking fee of $2.37 applies.)

Reverse Garbage Queensland "This Salvaged Life"
Saturday 27 June, 1:00pm - 4:00pm at Reverse Garbage Queensland

Come along to our "open day" to meet and connect with like minded people! We'll be conducting a tour of the warehouse, a demonstration using our salvaged materials and hosting a forum discussing some of the aspects of reuse, drawing from the experiences of Brisbanites dedicated to reusing, repairing, repurposing and upcycling. You can join our Meetup group to recieveupdates as we finalise the details. There'll be light refreshments available, come for one session or stay for the afternoon!

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1:00pm Talk & Tour of the Warehouse
Have you ever wondered how Reverse Garbage Queensland works?
We'll be kicking off our open afternoon with a tour of the warehouse, introducing you to the different parts of the organisation, how we collect and sort, as well as talking about why we do what we do. Come for the tour and stay for the demonstration!


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1:30 – 2:30pm Demonstration
“Introduction to Salvaged Materials at Reverse Garbage Queensland”

Beneath the unusual appearance and unfamiliar forms of our many and varied salvaged materials, lies a hidden world of creative potential and exciting possibilities! Each month we will examine different materials, reveal where they've come from and how we can use them in place of new, virgin resources. We'll be giving you a wealth of ideas and inspiration so you can begin reusing salvaged materials and developing your own eye for upcycling and repurposing while building new skills or adapting the ones you have.

Our first demonstration will feature some of our most iconic items and demonstrate ways in which to use them. We'll display pieces made using our salvaged materials and run you through how they were made. We'll demonstrate a step by step process that will show you how to make at least one item and indicate how you can extend the activity and build on it make your own unique and original piece.

Demonstrated by Louise Gillard, Reverse Garbage Queensland director and shop floor co-ordinator, this introduction will lift the lid on creatively reusing weird and wonderful salvaged materials!

3:00 - 4:00pm Forum: “A Revolution in Reuse: Let's Talk about salvaging, repairing and upcycling.”

This forum will inspire you to get involved in the local movement of reuse and repair. Hear from Brisbanites who are creating useful and beautiful objects from salvaged materials out of a desire to be more sustainable, relearn lost techniques and save money. We'll also hear from two design students who have been involved in a community project helping us re-learn how to “repair and share.” Come along and learn from the panel – there'll be an opportunity to ask questions and contribute your own ideas about reusing and repairing.


Akira Sutton and Luke Thomasson both study Design Futures at the Queensland College of Art and have participated in the “Handled with Care” research project in Brisbane.

Michael Vagg (upcycler) is Reverse Garbage Queensland's Communications Coordinator and makes upcycled boxes from salvaged timber (Boxonomy) – you can find his work in the Reverse Emporium.

Rachael Catlin (maker) Community member : aspires to relearn the skills of her grandma's generation and to make pretty things without a banker's budget.

World Environment Day



The theme of World Environment Day this year is "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." We'll be hosting a FREE activity  in the warehouse on Friday (5 June) and Saturday (6 June.) where participants are invited to draw a picture or write about their dream for the planet or how they consume with care.

You are welcome to take your piece with you or you can drop it into the box at the Sales counter where we will collect all of the pieces together to form a collective piece of art work we will display at Reverse Garbage Queensland!

Drop into the warehouse anytime on Friday or Saturday (5th and 6th of June) from 9am to 5pm to participate.

Green Heart Fair is on this Sunday! We'll be there making Flower Pot People from discarded seedling pots! Drop in a have an eco craft session with us, as part of your day exploring the greener side of Brisbane!

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Parking Facilities at the Warehouse
We have seven parking spaces in front of the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse and there is also two hour street parking available around the corner on Elliott St.

We ask that customers please do not park in the car parks of businesses on Burke Street. These are reserved for other businesses and we would not like you to get towed!

Public Transport to the Warehouse
We encourage taking public transport to the warehouse as we are within close walking distance (approx 5 mins) to both Park Road train station and Boggo Rd bus station as well as bus stops along Ipswich Rd (approx 10 mins).

Public transport runs very frequently to these stops. Check out Translink for all the routes and timetables.

RG Social Media Links
Beat the crowds and be first to hear about our new and exciting stock as it comes into the warehouse! How? Follow us on Facebook and twitter @ReverseGarbageQ

Who are we?
Reverse Garbage Queensland is a not-for-profit worker run co-operative that promotes environmental sustainability and resource reuse. We collect high quality industrial discards, diverting them away from landfill and sell them at a low cost to the general public.

We collect from more than 300 businesses and factories in the greater Brisbane area, with approximately three tonnes coming into the warehouse each week. With a truck full of materials coming in almost every day, there's always something new and different to find.

We run a variety of environment and waste focused art workshops and educational talks and tours to suit every age and group. We also run a mail order service and host Reverse Emporium gallery and gift shop promoting local artists, craft workers and designers who salvage, reuse and up-cycle materials. For more information, please visit

Contact Details:
Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd
Location: 20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba Q 4102
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm
Phone: 07 3891 9744

Friends of the Earth—Brisbane
Reverse Garbage Queensland was set up in 1998 to help support the work of Friends of the Earth (FoE) - Brisbane. FoE is a social change organisation working towards an ecologically sustainable and socially just future through community action.

Friends of the Earth believes everyone has a part to play in the protection of the environment and the creation of a socially just society that welcomes the support and involvement of a broad cross section of the community.

FoE operate in the offices above Reverse Garbage Queensland at 20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba. For more information on FoE, current campaigns and volunteering call 07 3171 2255, email or check out their website at

The Bicycle Revolution
The Bicycle Revolution Co-operative is a small, non-profit business dedicated to providing quality custom built recycled and refurbished bicycles for any occasion, from the daily commute to the leisurely weekender.

Other services Bicycle Revolution offer to the community include repairs, new bicycles, new and used spare parts, powder coating, wheel building, frame building and bicycle hire.

Bicycle Revolution continues to operate at 294 Montague Road, West End. For more information call 07 3342 7829, email or check out their website