Mail Order Revamp!

We mail our exciting materials anywhere in Australia. Large cardboard barrels of mixed materials are great for schools and kindergartens and make an interesting, inexpensive and environmentally responsible alternative to mainstream art and craft supplies.

We've revamped our Mail Order business with new baggable and DIY barrels available as well as new regular themes!

New Baggable and DIY Barrels (from March 2012)

BAGGABLE - Have you heard about our famous baggable aisle? It is full of useful left overs, colourful scraps, bits of everything, plastic, paper, fabrics and more! All at a bargain price!

DIY - This fun new barrel is project based and comes with instructions and enough materials for a whole class (approx 50 children).  Our current theme is WOVEN BAGS!

Our Themes

MYSTERY - Get a barrel of mixed materials to reuse creatively!
CRAZY COLLAGE - Stick anything to create a fabulous picture.
ROBOTS AND SPACESHIPS - Blast into space!
MARVELLOUS MASK - Think carnivale, masquerade, superhero.
TREASURE BOXES - Transform ordinary boxes into secret boxes, toolboxes or bags.
JUNK JEWELLERY - Make rings, bracelets and necklaces.
WONDERFUL WEAVING - Create and co-ordinate colours and textures.
TRAINS, PLANES AND AUTOMOBILES - Construct like an engineer!
WEARABLE ART - Organise your own fashion parade with your wearable creations!
WILD THINGS create your favourite animal or insect.

Further info here!