Gremlins: Gravity is only the beginning

GREMLINS: A budget hard can it be?
Presented by Woodfordian Institute of Street Performance

With Tiger and Strategic going bottoms up early this year, Gremlin tycoons Roxoff, Mofball and Botolf saw a gap in the cheap flights market and decided to launch their own budget airline: Airlinius Hippotamus.

Their hastily built, 28% reliable, re-purposed plane lumbers into Reverse Garbage in May intent on loading it with humans and flinging it into the sky.

Speaking to Union Officials and Insurance representatives, they had this to say: “Organizayshun? Enjineering? Seetbelts? Pfft, dats why dem uvver kumpanies gots big-much prisez.  Plus da plane is heeps lyter wifout lotsa dem bits.” CEO, Roxoff said.  “We planin ta be mayking our kustomers at leest as happy wif deelay times and mid-flyte kansellations as Tiger duz.”

“Awlso, my sistar Mofball is dum as a bowl uv soup,” he added when asked why his subordinate was trying to catch a butterfly with her face.

The Gremlins have never appeared out of character in any interview situation, instead utilising their developing command of English and their translators to communicate with the media.

The Gremlins first performed in 2010. Since then, thousands of people have stopped by for an hour or six to watch them tooling around in one of many zoo-like Gremlin Scraplands.  They have performed at markets and festivals; on everything from stages, streets, shopfronts and scaffolding; they have slammed poetry, launched rockets, caught potatoes on forks, held a kingly coronation and even used power tools to install their own artwork in a museum (unbeknownst to the curator).

After three smash-hit seasons The Gremlins are back for a fourth whirlwind tour of mayhem and destruction with a brand new show over six nights at Reverse Garbage in Woolloongabba, as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival, a festival dedicated to theatre anywhere but inside a theatre (

GREMLINS: Gravity is only the Beginning
Dates:       Thurs 10 to Sat 12  & Thurs 16 to Sat 18 May @ 7pm
Tickets:     $14 (First class) & $12 (Economy)
Where:      Reverse Garbage, 20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba
Box office: or 07 3102 1978

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