COVID-19 Affects on Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-Op Operations

Dear customers, suppliers and friends of RGQ,

The Board of Reverse Garbage Queensland Co-op Ltd  has regrettably decided that we must close our warehouse to customers and cancel all scheduled workshops until further notice.

The Covid-19 situation is still in it’s early stages in Australia, but there is a mounting body of evidence and argument from experts that the best way to avoid the kind of scenario currently playing out in other parts of the world is to avoid non-essential social mixing when and wherever possible.

We’re reluctant to admit it, but what we do isn’t really “essential”, at least not in the current context. Consequently, we feel like we’ve got a responsibility to our staff and our customers, but also to our community as a whole, to do our bit and remove an avenue for social mixing, and hence spread of the virus, that we have control over.

How we'll be working with our RGQ community who are directly affected:

  • If you're a school or group that has booked a workshop in the coming months, we'll be in contact directly to discuss options.
  • No donations until further notice and, please, we strongly discourage you from dumping any goods outside.

In the meantime, we'll still be here figuring out how to service the community in a safe way and responsible manner.

Love from the team at RGQ.