UnMasked Eco Art Workshop with Sharka Bosakova

UnMasked - Eco Art Workshop with Sharka Bosakova

  • Saturday 12th of December | 9am to 11:30am
  • $30 per person | Book Here
Local emerging artist Sharka Bosakova will guide you through the cultural story of masks whilst helping you make your own wearable art story

About this Event

UnMasked teaches you how to make a mask as a piece of expressive wearable art and in the process, learn about the symbolism and emotions around the face.

This workshop is an extension to Sharka's current exhibition, UnMasked, currently showing at the QCA Grey Street Gallery.

The mask is the new face

Always present in every society, often used as a means of connection with the divine, the mask has now become an engaging fetish and trend, straddling fashion and art, for a game in which being and appearing are reversed and alternated.

We never see our own face except through a mirror but are constantly seen by others and see others’ faces. How does this make us feel?

In the age of the Selfie and of COVID, we are questioning even more how we reveal and conceal our faces, the masks we put on and take off.

Sat, 2020-12-12 09:00 - 11:30