Boomerang Bags Gathering for Brisbane, hosted by Reverse Garbage Queensland

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*For members of Boomerang Bags to develop the organisation in Brisbane.

Boomerang Bags is a not-for-profit organisation raising awareness about plastic pollution through community engagement. Starting in 2013, co-founders Tania Potts and Jordyn de Boer recruited the local community to sew bags using recycled fabric, which are given away as an alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Boomerang Bags creates a mindset of reuse and fosters sustainable behaviour by mobilising the power of community, and now has over 370 communities worldwide. Collectively, 100,000 boomerang bags have been made by community volunteers, the impacts of which extend beyond plastic bag pollution, into a realm of community connection and kindness.

To teach the ethos and management of a Boomerang Bags community, the team are hosting a Gathering at Reverse Garbage Queensland. This Gathering is for individuals, existing groups and organisations to connect, collaborate, ask questions and leave feeling inspired to nurture their community with a sense of hope and purpose.

“We have recently been to Victoria, and hosted two Gatherings with community spotlights, and a further six without, all of which were highly successful in terms of large scale collaboration and providing a platform to share Boomerang Bag’s ideology” says Tania. “We’re looking forward to continuing this momentum in Brisbane.”

“We’re excited about having Boomerang Bags grow in the Brisbane area” says Reverse Garbage Queensland Marketing Co-ordinator, Kade Hamalainen. “We love that Boomerang Bags focuses on community, skill-sharing and re-using materials rather than discarding them.”

“There’s a lot of commonalities with our own mission and operations here at Reverse Garbage Queensland” Kade says.

The Gathering will feature presentations, shared stories and light refreshments.

WHAT – Boomerang Bags Gathering for Brisbane
WHEN – Saturday 2 September, 2017
WHERE – Reverse Garbage Queensland, 20 Burke St, Woolloongabba

For invited members of the Boomerang Bags community. Please contact Fiona Comber, Boomerang Bags Workshops Facilitator, for invitations.

Kade Hamalainen (Reverse Garbage QLD)
3891 9744

Sat, 2017-09-02 13:00 - 16:00