RGQ Educators Series

Our 2020 Educators Series has finished for 2020. If you'd like to receive notification of when our 2021 opportunities will be rolled out, please send an email to communications@reversegarbageqld.com.au.

Our annual Educators' Series is all about incorporating re-use and sustainability into education through art, play and learning about waste reduction and the environment.

At all levels of education, using salvaged materials can enhance learning by adding a tactile experience, encouraging participants to explore the properties of materials and identifying waste as a resource. "Making do" and "repairing" can become teaching tools. These actions empower us and the next generations to move towards a zero waste society.


If you missed out but would like to have us out to run a PD workshop at your centre, you can book through http://www.reversegarbageqld.com.au/sustainability-education/request-form

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